Comedy, Detective story SI 90'
DIR.: Peter Bratusa
PROD.: Tilen Ravnikar
STATUS: pre-production
COMING: 05/02/2018
PROD. COMP.: Felina Films
LOOKING FOR: co-production, distribution, sales agents, broadcasters, festivals, funding

Gaja’s World is family film narrated by 11 years old Gaja, who introduces us to her unusual family in the world she lives in. In the center of the story is her family which goes through a lot of changes, with the mother off to Medecins sans Frontieres. The father is faced with the troubles and challenges of everyday chores and raising two teenage daughters. Gaja plays the saxophone and is a friend and protector of her weak friend Matic. Gaja’s sister Tea gets in trouble with a foolish and naive online application to a ‘fashion show’. But Gaja, who is smart and savvy takes control of the situations that are facing her, her family and friends, and manages to fix everything. Although she sometimes breaks some rules, her ‘right’ is in line with the honest and bold world that touches us every time.


PETER BRATUSA (1962) studied film photography in Zagreb and started his career as a d.o.p. He shot his first two feature films in 1991 and then took on a director’s role and shot more than 300 commercials in his more than 20 year career – many of them received various awards. In recent years he decorated himself in screenwriting and directing various film projects. His feature film Awakenings will arrive in theaters and festivals in September.


Felina Films was founded in 1993 by director Peter Bratusa. It specializes in TV commercials and TV shows – especially cooking shows, which were unprecedented in SI. In 2013 company made its first big step into film production with a TV series Life of Tomaz Kajzer. They have made several short films, and are now producing two feature films – Awakenings is to arrive in theaters in September 2017 and Gaja’s World is currently in pre-production.