Portrait RU 110'
DIR.: Zosya Rodkevich, Evgenia Ostanina
PROD.: Max Tuula, Maria Gavrilova, Alexander Rastorguev, Ilya Malkin, Olga Volodina, Pavel Kostomarov
COMING: 2018
PROD. COMP.: Chbk film, Marx Film, Black and White Production
LOOKING FOR: co-production, funding

A family chronicle filmed by the parents and children in their fight for love.


Zosya’s first full-length film My Friend Boris Nemtsov (2016) was named Best Documentary at the Krakow FF and participated in the Jihlava IDFF and other film festivals. Evgenia participated in several famous Russian documentary projects as an editor, including The Term (2014) and Kiev/Moscow (2015).

Project is represented by the PRODUCER ALEXANDER RASTORGUEV. His films were entered into various international film festivals and have been awarded at DOK Leipzig, Cinema de Reel, IDFA and other festivals. Latest films: Kiev/Moscow.(2015) by Elena Khoreva and My Friend Boris Nemtsov (2016) by Zosya Rodkevich. rastorhueff@yandex.ru