Latvia is a small country. And this is just the fourth year that a festival of such international significance takes place in Riga. We need new and young people to fall in love with the beautiful world of cinema! This is an honest answer as to why it is so important to have a whole weekend dedicated to films for the whole family, why it is important to provide additional captivating pastimes as well… Two fascinating days of a cinematic adventure for schoolchildren, pre-school kids and their kin.

An extreme subculture. Young men with snowmobiles in the Lapland mountains.

The fading beauty of past that is still alive this day.

The doorbell rings. Penelope cleans her apartment in a hurry.

The vast Finnish archipelago consists of thousands of rocky islands. It’s a place where time passes differently, the mind has space to wander and even the smallest everyday things can be a source of endless fascination. Here we see five archipelago dwellers with lives so different, it makes one think that perhaps every man is indeed an island. They are all part of the archipelago’s landscape. But look beyond the surface and you’ll see that all islands are in fact parts of the same terrain. A poetic essay on life, death, and the taste of early potatoes.

This is somebody, nobody, anyone. This is us in the course of time…

A young girl spends an evening at home alone…

Petr Pavlensky is currently the most radical artist in Russia, his bloody and challenging performances are mutilating his own body – he saws up his lips, naked wraps himself in barbed wire by the prosecutor’s office, nails his genitalia in the Red Square – he takes down the border between life and art.

A chance meeting of a pocket-size man and a blind person grows into a beautiful friendship.

When a baby brother arrives in Pigtail’s family she and her friend Mr. Sleeplessness plot on how to regain her parents’ attention.