Ecology RU 52 - 72'
DIR.: Nataliya Babintseva
PROD.: Denis Branitsky
COMING: 2018
PROD. COMP.: Studio KinoKi
LOOKING FOR: co-production, funding

In the late 1930s several towns on the river Volga were sacrificed for the sake of Industrialization — they were intentionally flooded behind new dams in order to create power stations. Recently various people ­– scientists, amateur archaeologists, divers along with local history experts and antiquarians tend to gather around the flooded towns and form a community of people who are really into it! The flooded zone doesn’t seem to be an abandoned area anymore.


Documentary director and journalist, graduated from VGIK and in cooperation with the coursemates founded KinoKi film studio. Nataliya is the author of the Russian TV film The Island and the Treasure. In cooperation with French producers she wrote and co-produced the film Utopia Coordinates, Museum Revolution (Revolutionary art of Maidan), it was her first full-length project. The film was bought by Arte/ZDF channels and was awarded by the youth jury of film festival in Innsbruck.