Politics RU 60'
DIR.: Julia Kiseleva
PROD.: Julia Kiseleva
COMING: 2018
PROD. COMP.: Julia Kiseleva
LOOKING FOR: co-production, funding

Dasha endured election race against overpowering political rivals only to loose her chance to get a seat in Russian State Duma. She decided to get elected to local municipality again.

This time local authorities do not want to see her in position of power, may it be even on municipal level. Dasha decides to get nominated as an independent candidate in a few districts. This is a story of different elections, a slice of a nation’s life, reflected in one city’s chronicle.


Screenwriter, director, producer, teacher, lives in Moscow. She graduated from the Faculty of Journalism UrFU and the directing department of VGIK. As a director she has implemented 16 author projects, has produced more than a dozen television films and programs, worked as a screenwriter, editor and chief editor on TV. Finalist of the TEFI-region award and three times finalist of the LAVR award. Her films took part in over 50 film festivals all over the world and received many awards.