Portrait, ethnic issues RU 90'
DIR.: Dmitry Kubasov
PROD.: Anastasia Murashkina
COMING: 2018
PROD. COMP.: 17+4
LOOKING FOR: co-production, funding

Rashid is 21, and one of the most promising fighters in Russia. He is a Lak and according to the secret laws of Dagestan, the Laks cannot occupy leading positions in the government. Rashid wants to change the state of affairs in his homeland and become the head of a town. He’s forced to come to Moscow and enter a law school, graduating from which will give him the status. If he succeeds in sports, he will get famous and will be able to return home renowned and influential, which will allow him to win the election.


Born in 1985, Moscow. Graduated from Shchukin Theater Institute majoring in acting. During graduate school defended dissertation Elements of Vakhtangov school of 2nd year of education. Meanwhile he started his acting career in films and theater, has acted in more than 15 films. In 2008 he had a major role in film Lake by a French director Philippe Grandrieux. Later he decided to pursue a career in directing, and in 2010 graduated from Marina Razbezhkina Production Studio of Documentary Film.